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All of the software developed in the book is provided on a CD that comes with the book. Here, we will be posting updates to that software as needed to address any patches that may be required or to provide extensions as they become available. In some cases, patches may be simple text instructions including the file and line changes; in other cases, patches may be downloadable files. Note that there may be errata that does not apply directly to the software, for a complete list of errata see the Errata section of this site.

We provide the table below to record software changes in the first printing of the book. For each change, we provide the following:
  • Date indicates the date that the software patch was made avaiable.
  • What lists either the file/line changes required for the patch, or it provides a link to a downloadable patch file.
  • Reason provides a brief description of the problem addressed by the change.
Date What Reason
7.28.2003 In /framework/include/allocTmpl.h, replace:
typedef int uintptr_t;
typedef unsigned int uintptr_t;
Potential signed/unsigned arithmetic errors.

If you have developed an application or extensions based on the Applied C++ image framework library that you would like to distribute, we are happy to provide a link from this page. While this is true, keep in mind that we retain the right to decide what and what not to link to from our site. You can email us at: authors@appliedcpp.com.

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