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We provide the table below to record the errata in the book. For each errata, we provide the following:
  • Page displays the page number where the errata appears.
  • Who lists the initials of the reporter of the errata.
  • What describes the problem and solution.
  • Patch indicates whether a patch file is available for the software to correct this problem. If a patch is available, you will find it by going to the Software section of this web site. If n/a is indicated, this means that a patch is not applicable.
  • Date indicates the date that the errata was addressed by the authors.
Page Who What Patch? Date
12 df In the apImage class, the last line of code is missing. While it appears in the source on the CD, it is missing from the book. The last line should be:
unsigned char* pixels_; //Image data
n/a 7.22.03
35 df Right above the tip, the line:
typedef int uintptr_t;
should be:
typedef unsigned int uintptr_t;
yes 7.22.03
58 bs Expand the sentence following our simple apImage image; definition to: "The answer is no, and it has nothing to do with possible alignment and padding issues of the RGB structure." n/a 7.22.03
140 bs Typo: "resusable" => "reusable" n/a 7.22.03
189 fb srcLocker is defined twice in the implementation of copy(). These two lines should be, apImageStorageLocker srcLocker (src);
apImageStorageLocker dstLocker (dst);
n/a 8.05.03
219 bs Clarify the paragraph before the example from "We can write a general purpose convolution routine" to "We can write a general purpose convolution routine, valid for symmetric kernels,"... n/a 7.22.03
247 bs Typo: "contraints" => "constraints" n/a 7.22.03

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